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Aug. 29th, 2013 03:34 pm
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Oh a hot day in August, on the 29th, let it be known that I have completed the most significant project I have undertaken so far in my small span of existence: I built a PC.

The PC itself is nothing fascinating - the components are all typical of what you would find in a moderate- to high-end gaming computer. They all will run most of the games I play just fine if not downright exquisitely, in comparison to the laptop I had been using before.

But the reason this PC is so significant is that I built it alone. Not only did I literally put the thing together on my own, but I looked through the parts, I made sacrifices of performance in exchange for price, I compared the pros and cons of pre-built PCs to one I would build, and I spent a good amount of my own money for the build. The sheer fact that this project was even started and I had the dedication (for once) to see the entire process through to this end is eye opening for me. I've never had much dedication, unless of course I really like what I'm doing. The most time I've put into any other "project" was making playable and functioning maps in Halo: Reach. For that I would spend a couple days. For this, I spent a little under a month.

I feel like this is the beginning of a long, stable relationship; I will enjoy what this PC has to offer, become discouraged at what (little) it can't do, praise it, take care of it, help it get better when it grows old, and watch it meet and exceed my expectations. My PC will help me laugh, cry, find joy and sadness, keep me back and spring me forward.

Okay, enough poetry about a box of silicon.

In WoW, I've been playing as a healer in dungeons and I honestly find it the most fulfilling experience I've had in a game. I've always enjoyed support classes; I almost always played medic in TF2, Battlefield, and every other game that has a healing class. I just enjoy helping people, whether in games, or in reality. In Boy Scouts, I always loved volunteering. I got the Eagle Award by cleaning up a local park that the Lafayette City Council couldn't afford to clean themselves. I still regularly help at the Moraga Gardens Farm co-op. I joined the Urban Farmers and helped pull in an astounding 4,000 pounds of produce off of friendly citizens' fruit trees, all of which goes to help local food banks. I'm not doing this because I have to get 12 hours of community service for my school or any other requirements; I just like it.

Yay new PC
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